Friday, January 02, 2009

A car for the Spyder-man in you

If you’re looking for speed in land and water at the same time, this is your car. Spyder is an amphibious sports car that can be used in land and water. On land, the car is powered by a Corvette engine which features 450 HP. The engine comes with five manual transmission mechanisms with full disk brake systems.

The trick in making the car float is in the floatation foam. Once the car hits the water, the foam will immediately take over and will ensure that the car will work as if it’s still running on top of the water. The suspensions of the car are also retractable so the wheels will move upward when transferring from the car engine as source of power to another source of power when in the water.

That leaves us to the engine that will be used in the water. Berkeley Marine Jet will be used when using the car in the water. Based on the pictures, controlling the car in the water is a breeze since you will not need any additional steering wheel. You just have to stick with the same steering wheel and enjoy the waters.

There are two factors through that are holding back the attention of the Spyder - the car can’t have the federal requirement for bumpers and air bags. The bumper would greatly affect the speed of the car on water and might even drag it downward. The airbag will just be released because of the impact of the car to the water. But if you have a large lot where you can just drive and ride the waters without restrictions, this car could be yours for only $175,000.00


Nice car! How much does it cost I wonder?

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