Thursday, January 15, 2009

BMW Z4 will be revamped

The highly esteemed BMW Z4 will be revamped wherein its main feature will be the aluminium rooftop which is also convertible. Before the new design, the Z4 comes with hard case or convertible but only has a soft top. The new aluminium rooftop convertible will only take at least 20 seconds to open and close. The rooftop could be controlled either from the dashboard or with a remote control.

But aside from the rooftop changes, significant changes on the body will also be implemented. The new Z4 will be a lot longer and even wider. With these changes, more elbow room will be provided in this hi-speed car. Because of the increased in width, the windows have significantly increased – more than 40% increase in its windows will be experienced by the owners of the new Z4.

The addition of aluminium rooftop however will also increase the weight of the Z4. Popular estimates suggest that an increase of more than 90kgs should be expected when compared to previous Z4 cars. But this will be compensated with a revved up engine which increases speed and more clutching options.

This will also usher the newest production practices of BMW. The Z4 will now be built in Germany. The Z series used to be part of the production repertoire of the USA plant. The USA branch of Z4 will now focus on SUVs specifically the X5 and X6. The changes on the production location however, will never change the location of its initial introduction. The new Z4 will be unveiled in the Detroit Motor Show in January 2009.


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