Monday, November 24, 2008

Nissan 2009 370Z Unveiled in LA Auto Show

Nissan has unveiled their latest sports car during the LA Auto Show. The Nissan 2009 370Z was presented to the public and has generated a buzz because of the previous reception of the 350Z. Although the previous version did had a lot to be proud of, owners have been expressing concerns over the 350Z as there are obvious things that could be improved in the Nissan sports car.

Luckily, Nissan has heard the complaints of its customers and willfully obliged. The 370Z is basically an upgraded version of 350Z with some features were made based on the reviews of the previews 350Z. Clearly, Nissan is aiming for customer satisfaction by establishing features from customer suggestions. But these suggestions are actually feasible, the engineers of Nissan just have to work a little bit harder to achieve them.

The key feature of the 2009 370Z is the reduction of weight. More than 100 pounds were taken from the sports car. The 370Z is now at 3,232 lbs - relatively lighter when compared to its predecessor which was at 3,350 lbs. The weight is based on the manual shifter version of 370Z.

Aside from its weight, the chassis was improved significantly. Although they opted to for the traditional look of a sports car, the chassis were improved in strength. which will naturally improve the performance of the car. The expected base price for the latest Toyota sports car is within the $30,000 range. The Nissan 2009 370Z will be available early next year.


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