Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Lotus Evora Unveiled in US

Lotus Evora was recently unveiled for the first time in US soil during the LA Auto Show. The mid-sized version of Evora was shown to the public with a little less flare compared to the Evora that was in Europe in one of the auto shows. But that doesn't mean it's a lesser because it could stand on its own without lights in the side markers.

The Evora is a mid-sized sports car with an impressive 30mpg but has an engine that could have as much as 276 horse power. 60mph could be achieved in 5 seconds flat with a top speed of 160 while running with 3.5L V6 from Toyota.

But if the numbers don't appeal to you, maybe the insides will do. The sports car is roomy enough for two passengers in front but also has a room at the back for two kids. The interior is all leather and the dashboard has a powerful GPS. Entertainment could never be better which features multi-touch interface - because you just can't get off your hands on the screen. The best part is that you'll never have to be awkward in getting into this car as it doesn't have any fancy doors that will only make you uncomfortable.

The Evora is expected to be available in the US market from November to December. A convertible is also set to be sold later. Automatic shifting features will be available second quarter next year. So if you're looking for a sports car this Christmas, give everyone in your family the thrill of the ride with Lotus Evora.


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