Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Can the electric car save General Motors?

General Motors is not the only automotive company having problems at the moment but for one reason or another it is the one that has dominated the news despite the fact that all of the Detroit based automobile manufacturing companies are having serious problems when it comes to their bottom line. However, there is something in the works that might be able to save GM and similar companies that decide to do the same thing and it is the electric car.

GM has had many meetings regarding the creation of electric automobiles and at the current moment in time it does appear as though the electric car is going to become real before the start of the next decade in 2011. This is very interesting indeed because not only is the GM electric car going to be completely devoid of anything in terms of a traditional gasoline powered engine, but the small conventional engine that works as a backup in case the electrical engine were to fail has been fine-tuned so that it has an overall fuel efficiency that is on par with the scooters that people have been purchasing as replacements for their cars.

Considering the technological advancement required for such a thing, that is a statistic that is sure to make people sit up and take notice. At the moment we only have GM's word to go on as to the veracity of that statement but the car will be released into the market soon enough and when that does happen everyone will know whether they were exaggerating, bloviating or telling the truth.


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