Monday, November 03, 2008

2010 Hyundai Genesis Coupe revealed

Hyundai has opted to release the specs for the 2010 Genesis Coupe. So far, the data is pretty impressive as the soon to be released coupe has the fuel efficiency of 30mpg.

Genesis Coupe will come in two models: Track and GT models. The latter model will have more features compared to Track models. The GT model will feature powerful 360-watt speakers, sunroof, GPS and power adjuster in driver’s seat. The less slick Track will not have the flashy chrome design of GT but will feature classic leather seats with powerful 13.4 and 13.0-inch breaks in front and rear disks respectively.

Available also are the turbocharged, standard and premium model. Turbocharged are geared towards speed as it features six speed option. Weighing considerably less compared to other coupes (3,303 lbs compared to 3,402 lbs for standard), it could reach 220hp when used with premium fuel.

The standard edition of 2010 Genesis Coupe on the other hand is geared towards leisure or daily comfort drivers. The car features the standard brakes in front and rear while featuring a decent entertainment system such as docks for iPod and other MP3 players, six speaker sound system, as well as Bluetooth capability.

The premium model upgrades the entertainment experience of the standard edition as it comes with a more powerful 10-speaker 360-watt sound system. There is also an integrated Homelink and navigation system.

Although the specs are impressive, the 2010 Genesis Coupe will be pushed as a two-door car. Apparently the lightweight cars of Hyundai have to sacrifice space to ensure fuel efficiency.


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