Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Chysler's Electric Car

Chrysler, the third largest US automaker, and the second largest in Canada, has announced on Tuesday plans to sell a plug-in electric car in 2010, in the United States.

"[We're] looking at a full line of electric vehicles," Chrysler chief executive Bob Nardelli said on the CNBC TV network. "We've made huge commitments, both from a resource standpoint and from a financial standpoint."

Chrysler displayed a working prototype of the electric vehicle outside its company's headquarters in Auburn Hills, Michigan. The vehicle resembles a sports car but has a lithium-ion battery that powers it for 150 miles on one single full charge, the company claimed.

Is Chrysler behind the game perhaps? General Motors Corp., the world's bigger automaker, displayed the production version of its own Chevrolet Volt electric car just a week ago, at a ceremony marking its one hundred years history as a corporation. Other automakers have also been working night and day designing their own electric cars, including Toyota Motor Corp. and BMW AG.


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