Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Never get stuck in traffic. Well, at least improve your chances.

It's terrible, driving down the A40 or whatever is the motorway you take, when you've planned it for a day with no traffic, so you can get from point A to point B with the minimum of hassle and time, and then suddenly, BANG! It all stands still. Cars as far as the eye can see...

So with my upcoming house move I am really happy with this new digital radiostation that has been launched by the Highways Agency. Apparently, this Traffic Radio will be broadcast 24 hours a day, giving us the information on traffic, emergency incidents and roadworks. Seeing as we will have to move 4 peoples' stuff in one day (keeping the budget tight), Central London to North London, then to Southwest, just below the river, and then all the way to West zone 6, this service will be invaluable.
Apart from traffic news, the radio station will also provide us with national headlines and it utilises information from more than 3,500 road sensors and 10,000 CCTV cameras, as well as road staff, police, helicopters and planes, and will be updated every 10 minutes during peak traffic periods.

For the moment Traffic Radio is available on digital radio covering around 80% of England and will become more widely available over the next two years. At present Transport for London and the Highway Agency are running the programme, but their aim is to include traffic agencies in Scotland and Wales in order to provide a service for the entire country.

Of course if you do not have a DAB radio in your car you should check the station's website before you leave or if you have mobile access, take a break and have a look. Whatever the senario, it is a welcome programme for any of us driving around the capital and the rest of the country.


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