Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Audi TT 2.0T - The Mini Supercar

When Audi came around the concept of a new compact sports car the whole motoring world hold their breath patiently until that glorious day back in August 1998 when the new Audi TT coupé was released. And then everyone exhaled in disappointment.

What Audi came up with as a great production idea was to create a coupé car based on the failure model VW Golf 4 and they might have done so as they refrained from producing a coupé model for a long time. Not inconceivably of course, the first Audi TT was so flabby in feeling and numb in handling that not only failed to impress as a sports car but also it proved dangerous, forcing Audi to recall all models, revive the set-up and let it out again in various different versions. Personally I thought it to be a strange looking little car, resembling an object that integrates characteristics of a woman’s breast and a futuristic armored army vehicle.

The first version was somewhat a commercial success, particularly in the UK, nevertheless after 8 years of constant questioning of the odd design a second version with the code name Typ 8J was revealed on April 6, 2006. The new Audi TT looks in a sense unarguably similar to the old tit-on-a-battle-tank like 1999 design. The new Audi TT admittedly appears to very much be in accordance with the new and familiar by now Audi design persona, showing of its longer, muscled bonnet and an overall lower, more aggressive posture.

VW executives lashed around the Audi designers so as to not repeat the same mistakes, so the poor Audi designer’s brainstormed for endless nights, squeezed their little insomnia-affected brains until they came up with not one but two brilliant mechanical innovations. The first one and for most is the awing achievement of successfully integrating a front aluminum part with a steel rear, a solution proven dreadful historically. The second one is the optional magnetic suspension. The technology implements essentially shock iron-filled absorbers that react when exposed to electric currents.

The new Audi TT is a sparkly little sports car, graceful when cornering growling like an aroused lioness with a very descent performance even from the basic 4 cylinder Audi TT T2.0 which will bring you from stance to 62 in 6.4 seconds and will stop accelerating at 149mph.


This is a brilliant car, really worth having a look at if it is within your budget.

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