Monday, June 09, 2008

Who said hybrids were slow?

Slow and boring? I think not, as US based Hybrid Technologies has announced plans to put a hybrid supercar into production by the end of 2009. This stylish lithium-ion sportster holds claims of keeping up with a Porche or a Ferrari and the ability to deliver a minimum of 220 mpg.

According to Hybrid Technologies, they will also make available a fully electric version of the car allowing for up to 180 miles per charge. Executives within the company have promised this car will provide a “wild experience”, however no one in the media has been given a chance to test drive the vehicle.

Additional features adding to economy, eco-friendliness and handling are the car’s regenerative braking (recharging batteries while braking) and movable aerodynamic aids, changing as appropriate to the speed.


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