Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Tata creating jobs for Jaguar and Land Rover in UK

When Ford was forced to sell Jaguar and Land Rover to Tata Motors earlier this month so that it could concentrate on it's US business that has been taking losses, Tata executives had stated that they were looking to extend their full support to both Jaguar and Land Rover so that they may achieve their competitive potential.

And it seems they were being honest as 600 new jobs are being created at Jaguar and Land Rover. Tata Motors believe that both companies have great potential for global growth, due to the respectability and fame of the brands. These 600 new employees will be working on new technology to lower emissions and perhaps make the brand more attractive. £700 million will be invested in sustainable technologies to improve the environmental performance of vehicles, including lightweight materials and hybrid power trains

In an age when most plants are being moved to developing nations to lower costs and staff is made redundant in a flash it is a relief to see that what are two essentially British brands will continue to be made in Britain and that India is creating jobs in the UK.


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