Thursday, June 19, 2008

Oil prices affecting the way we drive?

Just as air travel is reverting to prices of the past, with airlines cutting their budget travel offshoots , the spike in oil prices is starting to affect the way people drive. As it becomes more and more expensive to go to work, take the kids to school and go shopping, people are having to find new ways of dealing with the current situation. And with certain analysts predicting that it is not out of the question for oil to reach $200 a barrel things seem to be staying that way. An even scarier prediction was made by Russian Gazprom, which stated that oil prices could reach $250 a barrel by 2009.

So what effects is this having on the population? Well, more and more people are using public transport, riding bicycles or, in some extreme cases, stealing diesel from farmers (diesel theft has been on the rise since May). Unfortunately, as prices do not seem to be dropping, it will become more and more difficult to use cars.

This increasing cost may be the real reason behind all the research and development being piled on by car manufacturers into lighter, lower emission, electric, and hybrid vehicles. If things keep going this way cars will once again become a luxury. A solar panneled luxury in fact.

Thank God for Segways.


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