Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Mazda's crossover concept car to be revealed in Moscow

The Moscow International Automobile Salon will play host to a new and exciting vehicle, the as of yet unnamed new Mazda concept car. It's been a good year for Mazda, in fact they set their all time record for sales in a fiscal year (April 07 - March 08) and set their all time record for sales in one month in March, and now they will once again attract the spotlight with what looks to be a magnificent design, if the CX-7 and CX-5 are anything to go by.

Nagare, which according to a Mazda press release on the vehicle, means “flow” in Japanese, represents a new approach to expressing movement in car design, taking as inspiration the flow patterns of natural elements, such as the wind. Russia is one of Europe’s fastest-growing markets and is rapidly becoming the region’s largest automobile market. SUVs are particularly popular in Russia, with a segment share of about 20 percent. Mazda’s latest concept car is designed to appeal particularly to younger SUV owners who have a strong sense of style.

The Moscow International Automobile Salon media days are on August 26 and 27, whereas August 28 caters for industry and trade specialists. The show is open to the public from August 29 through September 7. The new show car will be unveiled at the Mazda press conference at 10:15 on August 26 at the Mazda stand.


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