Monday, June 23, 2008

Ford going for smaller, more fuel efficient cars

Not much of a surprise really, more like common sense. With oil prices what they are, even the proudest of American car fans will have to admit it makes sense to drive something small and economic rather than a huge gas-guzzling pickup or SUV. And few people are prouder of the American automotive industry than Ford execs.

So it is quite impressive that they are delaying their new pick up truck's release by a couple of months and that they are increasing the output of their smaller vehicles. Apparently, this is in response to demand, seeing as more customers are opting for the fuel efficient smaller cars.

Naturally, this will have a knock on effect to their employees, and as production and demand drops, so will the number of shifts available to workers, and the number of workers themselves. It seems as though the pride of the big engine that rumbles down the endless stretches of American highways, through deserts and forests, is coming to an end in the shadow of the ever increasing cost of fuel.

The pursuit of happiness will have to take place in a smaller car it seems.


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