Wednesday, May 21, 2008

New Vauxhall Agila - Just for city drive

Vauxhall has been more often than not succesfull and intuitive in creating automotive benchmarks with their creations. What it lacked from the German manufacturer's range was a smart and practical city car, thus the new Vauxhall Agila was "summoned".

The first edition of the model, although not competing for its good looks, was a commercial success throughout Europe as much as for the practical interior and ergonomics as for its competitive pricing. The new Vauxhall Agila was bound to a facelift before anything else, so the end product shows off funky-looking exterior to the point that many characterize it as a attention magnet. The interior is in accordance with Vauxhall's new mentality where new, quality materials and colourfull combinations create a causy yet practical environment with plenty of cubby holes next to as many drink holders.

That was as far as the good news go, because when getting down to performance the Vauxhall Agila, specifically the top 1.3 litre version, will probably dissapoint even the most chilled-driving clientele. Strangely the 1.2 litre engine feels perkier, somehow more willing to follow up with you on playful glimpses with the accelerator.

The new Vauxhall Agila is a very stylish little city car considering the dreadful looking predecessor, though I fail to understand how it can stand a change against the Fiat 500 or Renault Twingo. And with that I mean the price of course; it offers nothing more than the other two, on the contrary. As part of a link-up with Suzuki, the Vauxhall Agila is virtually identical to the Splash but £1,000 more expensive lacking a few of gadgets as well.

Thus the question remains, if the humble basic edition 1.0 litre Agila costs more than car such as the brilliant 1.2 litre Fiat Panta - former car of the year - do you think it stands a chance?


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