Wednesday, April 16, 2008

VW Eos Sport - The new convertible

Many say that choosing which new car to buy is definitely more fun than actually buying it. On that basis the most fun automobile market sector currently are the small and agile convertibles. This market is dominated by European manufacturers and they are doing so well their Asian rivals choose to stay out of the competition. Renault or Peugeot, Ford, Vauxhall or maybe the new Volkswagen Eos?

VW’s new persona in the manufacturer’s arena led me to lay my eyes on VW Passat CC. VW is firing on all cylinders for the new market trend and since they have bundles of experience in producing very commercial small convertibles got their design houses busy again. Inevitably, the new car would borrow some of the Golf’s characteristics. In essence, Eos is a convertible Golf GTI, but I see no harms in that as Golf GTI is probably the best of its 4 older Golf brothers and its 3.2 V6 engine will be lended to its summer-feeling Eos as well.

The conversion from Golf to cabrio Eos went according to plan, mainly because of the ingenious hard roof which folds into five sections rather than the usual two, reducing the space it occupies when stored in the boot. That results finally into adequate space for your personal belongings and fantastic legroom for back-seat passengers blowing away competition.

And then just after you sit comfortably you start getting a feeling of mild annoyance. You see, when relaxation comes in you start noticing the poor interior, for some reason they managed to make it look cheap.

Demanding drivers would judge it as sloppy and maybe confusing when you push Eos a bit more and that is true to an extend, it isn't the most fun car to drive. But still its fresh and looks like spring, it gives you a selection of engines and I already have a favourite.

Maybe it won't go well, maybe it will be success...


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