Friday, April 04, 2008

Police Pursuit Ipswich UK on YouTube

It is “all talk and wrong action” for the policeman who few days ago had a glimpse of genius so he tapped and uploaded on YouTube the high-speed pursue clip he was part of.

The three-minute clip on YouTube illustrates a patrol car speeding up on the A14 near Ipswich, Suffolk. The local Police department expressed their deep disappointment and admitted they aware of the clip. Throughout the whole clip, sirens can be clearly heard and at one point the camera switches focus from road traffic to the car's speedometer.

Consequently, Police Home Office has been accused of glamorising fast driving on public roads even if the clip’s title - "Police Emergency Outskirts Ipswich UK" - was so modest and humble, simply informative and not trying to provoke.

A Suffolk police spokesman said: "Suffolk Constabulary is aware of this video and it has been referred to our professional standards department. "
"An investigation is under way and clearly we are extremely disappointed that an officer has chosen to post this footage on the Internet. "
"The officer filming is a passenger in the car and there appears to be no road traffic offences committed. "However, this action sends out the wrong message and is at odds with the road safety advice we issue to the public."

Practise what you preach guys, isn’t that right?


Lol, thats right allright. Maybe he was jealous of his colleagues having their own TV show.

Or perhaps another fool abusing his power.

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