Tuesday, April 08, 2008

The new Hummer H3

HUMMER H3 is the youngest member of the HUMMER family. The new model is the smaller version of the monster we are all familiar with, yet the most agile design so far. It offers top off-road performance, respecting its big brother H1, though in a more civilised version. H3 manages to create a balance between looks and function. This time the designers managed to create a vehicle with both wild look and a personality to match.

The challenging feat of the H3 was to prove itself off road, in accordance to the family tradition, but also to demonstrate improved skills on city roads. And at last, the outcome is the desired one; an iconic vehicle with a purpose, roadworthy and geared up for extreme off-road adventures. It is available in three versions - SE, Adventure and Luxury, each one offering that little bit extra. While the SE is the standard version, the Adventure targets those willing to take their HUMMER on a further challenge while the Luxury increases the H3's class element, with feature chrome wheels and side steps.

The H3 is a sure-footed vehicle with many purposes. Its strength and power obviously comes from the full-time four-wheel drive while features like the two-ratio gearbox, traction control and HUMMER's StabiliTrak Stability Enhancement System increase its stamina. When it comes down to everyday use, the H3's clever street disguise and noticeable smaller size makes it more manoeuvrable for turning and parking.

Great news for dedicated off-roaders as the new design managed to tackle past, everlasting problems with regards to city use and driver friendliness. It is still a magnificent car, with wild, head-turning looks and unmatchable off-road capabilities while on the same time gives to the average motorist a buying excuse with its agility and city performance.

But honestly guys, if you had the funds, would you actually buy the most ostentatious 4x4 car in the market?


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