Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Ford Mondeo Titanium X

We all tend to have a sense that if something is complicated and difficult, it should be superior to anything simple and straightforward. More often than not though, that’s way wide of the mark, bringing us to the case of Ford Mondeo. It is a given the previous model was a indeed a masterpiece of non-extravagance motoring, speedy and beautifully handled.

Sadly, though, the old Ford Mondeo is no more. There’s a new version in town already a celebrity after staring in James Bond’s film Casino Royale. Nowadays Ford looks back in the affluent years and gets the blues as there is a whole new reality the US manufacturer faces everyday and that is being on the verge of bankruptcy. Not only they discarded more than 40,000 jobs in the US only but also sold Aston Martin to India’s TATA.
However, recent winds of change blowing on Ford aren’t limited in cutting down costs by banning cookies from board meetings. Ford managed to finance the design of an all-new car and tool up the factories to make it, a move which realistically costs a billion. And it is the manufacturer’s bad finances to be held accountable for the new Mondeo containing no new technology.
On a largely scale the parts of the new Ford Mondeo come from other models, so Ford had to just screw everything together, something they actually did outstandigly as the car feels solid as a pine tree. And big. It’s much wider than the old car and a full five inches longer, probably accounting for the extra 175kg. The upside of this plumb up, however, is that while the back feels more spacious than by living room the boot is big enough to host a rugby match. The design houses have done an excellent job as well, as I personally feel it is exceptionally good looking.

When you actually take it for a drive the new car's persona reflects the work done inside and outside, creating a totally different feeling from the old model. It may be that the fun has gone, even the 2.5 turbo won’t lure you in aggressive maneuvers but it feels refined and comfortable. Good news are the car’s price because Ford Mondeo is thousands and thousands cheaper than anything from Audi or BMW or Mercs. Ford has done an excellent job with this car – an outstanding job when you realise their finances. I am just saying, that given you have the wherewithal to buy one why not actually do so, at least you will be more original than those over-appealing German sedan owners.


I like watching James Bond Movies but it really is somewhat painful to see luxury hotcar just get blown in 10 seconds or so. I haven't seen a JB movie where they haven't blown any hot car.

You are absolutely right mate, I almost past out with the chainsaw scene and the BMW Z4 few years back..

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