Saturday, April 05, 2008

Elder Citizens Given Free Bus Pass

As of April 2008 the new action allowing over-60s in England get a free travel pass to travel on all local bus networks is set into gear. The scheme is already in effect in Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales, so it was about time the National Pensioners' Convention (NPC) to apply it cross the borders within the UK.

A few mature daredevils out there have already hurried to take full advantage of the opportunity, as they can’t utilize their driving skills any longer, and gave very flattering comments for the service overall. The bus services are really great but what I find really interesting and sometimes who forget it, is that England will always be a picturesque country with fairytale-like locations. Until now older people were over-reliant on their cars and frustrated getting from point a to b, when no longer able to drive. On top of being free though, traveling on local buses will provide a lovely insight into England's rural areas because of the nature of local bus services, wandering off the main roads to gorgeous villages.

Travelers already exchange vital tips for well-organized road adventures. Important and basic to have handy, are timetables, and you can access them very easily nowadays even from Internet sites. On the other hand, bus operators have already addressed the possibility of increased numbers of enthusiastic older travelers and taking measures to avoid frustration. So, are we to expect huge waves of over-60s flooding the English countryside? Oh, how jolly!!


Sorry, what kind of measures do you mean they are taking to face the increased numbers of pensioners travelling by bus?

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