Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Audi R8 - Too perfect to be true

As a norm Audi produces cars targeting the middle age group of males cherishing values like stability, power and control. Norms though, very much like rules, can be a lot of fun when broken, so Audi's design houses – totally disgusted of the surprisingly many serious-looking sedans they vigorously release so often – decided to go over the top, just for this once.

The spectacular vehicle in red guise is a German automobile amalgam of carbon fiber and magnesium which is set to confuse the traditional funs of super cars. Although it is a two-seater, mid-engine project, resembling what could easily be Judge Dred’s automobile, is actually an Audi.

Audi R8 comes with the well respected 4.2 V8 engine borrowed from RS4 with a few modifications. Instead of the fancy semi-automatic and the F1 type flap gearboxes motorists are used to from all the Ferraris and Porsches out there, R8 comes with a classic manual gearbox, all covered in chrome which looks as great as it feels.

I have to give it to the Germans though; I can't figure out how they managed to make R8 so spacious and comfortable although a typical two-seater with the engine roaring behind your back. Well, the engine is not roaring exactly; it rather sounds like a discrete persian cat purr and that is where many adversaries found ground for judgment. R8 may not sound like a hungry lion in the middle of the night like traditional super cars but it pays back with grip. And I mean loads and loads of grip. You see the 4-wheel drive, complemented by an excellent ESP and other stability control gizmos, form an unparallel combination for extraordinary handling. While many rival super cars feel when cornered like carrying a grand piano through a pub staircase, R8 is so manageable and discrete you won’t even realize you are doing 150 miles per hour.

On a price of £77,000 you can buy two instead of its step sister, the Audi-made Lamborghini Gallardo, while its definitely sexier than Porsche’s top Carrera 2S. Personally, I would go for a white and a red, what do you think?


You ve seen the black dude, its awsome. But no compare with the Lambo

Its a matter of taste mate, personally I 'd rather have a couple of them than a Gallardo.

You have to be joking. Lambo against Audi R8?

Think of the pulling power.
The Lambo get's you laid, guaranteed, the Audi not so.

I am going for the red.

If you need a car to get laid dude then forget it, R8 and Lambos are for men with a great know-how in handling.

Get a Merc SLK or something similarly girly ;)

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