Friday, February 22, 2008

Renault- Nissan in talks, talks, talks...

The Renault- Nissan partnership is now looking for an American partner to set up a new alliance. In 2006, the two partners held talks with General Motors but things didn't finally work out.

In the meantime, Renault- Nissan partnership has been creeping up while everyone was standing observing the saga of the Detroit Three.

In 2008, the alliance managed to take a fairly strong position and also to be considered as the world's sixth largest automotive group. However, this status may change as they are about to acquire a 25% blocking minority stake in OAO AvtoVaz automaker of Russia.

In addition, Renault- Nissan is interested in cooperating on specific products of Chrysler. It is said that the talks with Chrysler could bring more resourceful designs.

If all these talks have a happy ending, then Renault- Nissan have many chances to keep staying under the radar.


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