Thursday, February 28, 2008

Porsche to fight environmental law

London Mayor Ken Livingstone is planning to impose heavy congestion charges for high-pollution vehicles coming into London.

However, Porsche Chairman Wendelin Wiedeking tried to have the decision reversed by threatening to take Livingstone to court.

Apparently, the Stuttgart-based company chose to be on the wrong side of the argument by trying to deny the huge impact that pollution has on the environment. Contrary to this, it could just start developing carbon-free products and in turn to encourage people to change their behavior towards environmental issues.

Livingstone who has come up with effective traffic-curbing strategies in the past, like congestion charging for central London, is announcing now a plan that is about to triple the daily fee only for the cars that generate high levels of pollution.

Overall, it is clear that environmental questions affect companies and sometimes they seem to do a lot of damage. In addition, the air quality in many cities is terrible. If you are not convinced, try taking a deep breath while standing on a busy London street.

Furthermore, it's obvious where public sympathies lie, considering that people focus more and more on the environment. Even if you assume they are misguided, nobody would ever go ahead in business world by attacking the customers.



Ken is trying to use c-charge as a revenue stream for TfL.

If he really cared about polution he would have put the charge at £40 and no1 would b using their wheels in London.


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