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Thursday, February 28, 2008

Porsche to fight environmental law

London Mayor Ken Livingstone is planning to impose heavy congestion charges for high-pollution vehicles coming into London.

However, Porsche Chairman Wendelin Wiedeking tried to have the decision reversed by threatening to take Livingstone to court.

Apparently, the Stuttgart-based company chose to be on the wrong side of the argument by trying to deny the huge impact that pollution has on the environment. Contrary to this, it could just start developing carbon-free products and in turn to encourage people to change their behavior towards environmental issues.

Livingstone who has come up with effective traffic-curbing strategies in the past, like congestion charging for central London, is announcing now a plan that is about to triple the daily fee only for the cars that generate high levels of pollution.

Overall, it is clear that environmental questions affect companies and sometimes they seem to do a lot of damage. In addition, the air quality in many cities is terrible. If you are not convinced, try taking a deep breath while standing on a busy London street.

Furthermore, it's obvious where public sympathies lie, considering that people focus more and more on the environment. Even if you assume they are misguided, nobody would ever go ahead in business world by attacking the customers.

Friday, February 22, 2008

Renault- Nissan in talks, talks, talks...

The Renault- Nissan partnership is now looking for an American partner to set up a new alliance. In 2006, the two partners held talks with General Motors but things didn't finally work out.

In the meantime, Renault- Nissan partnership has been creeping up while everyone was standing observing the saga of the Detroit Three.

In 2008, the alliance managed to take a fairly strong position and also to be considered as the world's sixth largest automotive group. However, this status may change as they are about to acquire a 25% blocking minority stake in OAO AvtoVaz automaker of Russia.

In addition, Renault- Nissan is interested in cooperating on specific products of Chrysler. It is said that the talks with Chrysler could bring more resourceful designs.

If all these talks have a happy ending, then Renault- Nissan have many chances to keep staying under the radar.

Thursday, February 07, 2008

Hire a limo for the Valentine's Day

Surveys in the UK show that the rate of people hiring luxurious limos for a night out has increased. Especially in London, where there is a higher concentration of wealth in relation to other UK cities, car hire companies claim that they mainly make money from limo hire.

Walking down London high streets on Saturday, strings of limo parade alongside you. While this extraordinary scene may at first come as a surprise you soon get used to it. However, not everyone can afford this ''limo fashion'' as the price is set too high for those with a low income.

Nevertheless, it is a great idea for special occasions like birthday parties, anniversaries, or - with upcoming events in mind- Valentine's Day. It's hassle-free to hire a limo online as the company will take care of everything. You only need to fill out a form telling them the pick up point, the destination and some other information.

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Nissan brings out 370Z

Speculation is going around the automotive news that Nissan is preparing the launch of a revised version of the Z-car which, according to reports, will be the 370Z model once Nissan updates the 350Z sportscar by equipping it with the 3.7-liter V6.

It is anticipated that the new model will keep the general shape of the retiring model, but with a more smoothed out appearance. Also, reports revealed that the 370Z will be unveiled at the Motor Show taken place in Paris this coming October. Paris is also considered as the home turf of Nissan's sibling, Renault.

Although this is still months away, try to stay tuned as the parade is expected to be outstanding.


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