Wednesday, January 02, 2008

A Motor Show for demanding buyers

Even though automotive industry continues to struggle for 2008, the oncoming 86th Motorcar & Motorcycles Show taken place in Belgium anticipates to welcome over 700,000 visitors.

The so-called Brussels International Motor Show will be carrying out from 15 to 27 January of 2008 and it is said that the name of the exhibition fulfils the ambition of Belgium to enhance its position as major motor show among other European countries. Besides, Brussels is the first motor show of the year and hence it aims at attracting a big range of product launches.

The European Motor Show, which is regarded as the flagship for Belgium motor sector, offers every single year a variety of new and conceptual car models all of them coming from an upgarded and re-designed production.

For people who have already started to think of attending, the target audience includes Executives& Businessmen, high-net-worth individuals and families, Corporate Buyers & CEO's, Decision Makers, Automobile Professionals, Tourism and Hospitality, Transport Operators, Technicians, Engineers, Media & Press. For those who felt missed out it's also a good chance of having a closer look at good cars!


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