Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Go on winter holidays and get back safe

We are currently covering the second half of winter time with people taking advantage of the cold weather and escape to the mountains for holidays. Fans of winter sports choose resorts where they can go skiing, climbing and other extreme sports. What seems hard though in the whole story is how to reach those slopes from downtown.

My personal experience has taught me to get well-prepared before I go ahead driving for the big ascension with preparation being focused on my car's condition. I don't even remember how many times my car has given up on my way up to the mountain due to a technical problem. As a result, I have slowly given up skiing due to a fear caused by my bad experience.

Lately though I started looking for safe ways to get up there again and I came across with the site of Hertz, a rental car company which has special offers for winter resorts in several mountains all around the world such as St Moritz in Zurich, Chamonix in Geneva, Himos in Helsinki, Parnassos in Athens, Aspen in the USA and many other. Holding a good history in safety issues and reasonable prices I decided to give it a try. Even nervous about what would be the ending, I spent a great time in Parnassos in Greece and as for my concern... I got back safe!


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