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Thursday, January 31, 2008

Save money with wholesale auto products

You have acquired your new car spending a small fortune on buying it and you think you are done with all the expenses attached on this purchase. Well, once you step into the car you will realize that your car is rather impersonal and you start imagining how much more beautiful would be if there were some stuff that would make it looks really yours. However, if you let your thought run back again to how much money you have spent on getting the main body you will be rather than happy investing in additional things to personalize it.

Common practice has shown that many people are not minded to spend huge money on equipping their new cars. On the other side, there are companies that are eager to give a solution to those people pondering. Wholesale goods are now offered by companies that drop the cost of auto accessories and general auto equipment.

Light In The Box is the Wholesale company coming from China whose suppliers are top Chinese factories offering pretty good warranties. Their clientele brings in customers from over the world who get attracted by the company's prices, convenience in orders and the warranted products quality.

Wholesale China has a great range of auto products to offer such as audios, DVD players, GPS, Real View Monitors and other accessories. As the company specializes not only in auto products but in other electronics as well, you can spot their car products through the wholesale directory in the site.

Whether you just got your new car or you are about to, it worth having a look.

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Thursday, January 24, 2008

A perfect match of the old and new luxury

Audi is emerging new marketing plans due to the new style of luxury evolving that is distinct to the traditional luxury grounded in Europe.

Quoting Scott Keogh, Audi's US marketing chief, new luxury style, that has a West Coast sensibility, is characterized by a more casual attitude and spirit. Besides, what we also see right now in the luxury world is a good chance those two things come together.

Holding the traditional European values of quality coupled with the new-age values of the West Coast such as design and innovation will bring to life a new trend that will help Audi to stand apart from its competitors.

Audi is also preparing a new 60-sec TV commercial taking its theme from the famous movie ''The Godfather'' addressing this way the old and new power.

We are looking forward...

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Go on winter holidays and get back safe

We are currently covering the second half of winter time with people taking advantage of the cold weather and escape to the mountains for holidays. Fans of winter sports choose resorts where they can go skiing, climbing and other extreme sports. What seems hard though in the whole story is how to reach those slopes from downtown.

My personal experience has taught me to get well-prepared before I go ahead driving for the big ascension with preparation being focused on my car's condition. I don't even remember how many times my car has given up on my way up to the mountain due to a technical problem. As a result, I have slowly given up skiing due to a fear caused by my bad experience.

Lately though I started looking for safe ways to get up there again and I came across with the site of Hertz, a rental car company which has special offers for winter resorts in several mountains all around the world such as St Moritz in Zurich, Chamonix in Geneva, Himos in Helsinki, Parnassos in Athens, Aspen in the USA and many other. Holding a good history in safety issues and reasonable prices I decided to give it a try. Even nervous about what would be the ending, I spent a great time in Parnassos in Greece and as for my concern... I got back safe!

Sunday, January 06, 2008

The cheapest car in the world!

A recent Indian invention signals the creation of a niche market in a relatively saturated car industry.

It is about the ''cheapest car'' in the world which is said that aims at the 65 millions Indian Scooter riders who are currently unable to afford a car purchase. The so-called ''one lakh'' car- manufactured by the Indian automobile company Tata- will being unveiled in the following week at the Delhi Auto Expo and it costs £1,280. As far as the technical part is concerned, the new ''people's car'' has an engine of less than a litre capable of producing only 30 horsepower. Consequently, considering the price in conjunction with the characteristics of the car it could be considered as a purchase with good value for money.

Yet, though this Indian creature seems to be a pionnering concept, Americans first appeared to induce in their market the well-known Henry Fords Model T targeting to the same segment of their country.

I think that it's time for motorcycle riders to stop worrying about their next warm riding uniform.

Wednesday, January 02, 2008

A Motor Show for demanding buyers

Even though automotive industry continues to struggle for 2008, the oncoming 86th Motorcar & Motorcycles Show taken place in Belgium anticipates to welcome over 700,000 visitors.

The so-called Brussels International Motor Show will be carrying out from 15 to 27 January of 2008 and it is said that the name of the exhibition fulfils the ambition of Belgium to enhance its position as major motor show among other European countries. Besides, Brussels is the first motor show of the year and hence it aims at attracting a big range of product launches.

The European Motor Show, which is regarded as the flagship for Belgium motor sector, offers every single year a variety of new and conceptual car models all of them coming from an upgarded and re-designed production.

For people who have already started to think of attending, the target audience includes Executives& Businessmen, high-net-worth individuals and families, Corporate Buyers & CEO's, Decision Makers, Automobile Professionals, Tourism and Hospitality, Transport Operators, Technicians, Engineers, Media & Press. For those who felt missed out it's also a good chance of having a closer look at good cars!


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