Thursday, July 06, 2006

BMW chooses Zenon software

The BMW Group has chosen to use zenOn software solutions for their plants world-wide. Copa-Data zenOn will manage the security and reliability at all production plants. The German car manufacturer is confident that it could increase efficiency and productivity considerably across their plants. The BMW Group decided in favour of world-wide implementation of zenOn. It's not all news though as the visualization solution of Copa-Data has already successfully operated the surface technique across the BMW Group for 5 years.

The software makers point out that with the decision to use zenOn company-wide, BMW has entered a strategic partnership with Copa-Data.

For car production, the automotive specialist chose the contractor who could offer the most standardisation, and thus create the greatest possible internal synergy between operations. Furthermore, the automotive manufacturer requires a universal solution from the plant pictures to the alarm management. This universality not only increases quality, but also the overall productivity of their equipment.

As zenOn 6.20 can be used on all Windows operating system and platforms, from Windows CE up to Windows Server 2003, a transparent flow of information throughout the company network can fully be guaranteed.

Supervisory control to operator terminal transparency offered by zenOn makes it possible for the production team members to come to the right decisions at any time irrespective of their location.


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