Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Automotive corporate responsibility

Great news from TNS! Automotive companies are finally striking a chord with their social responsibility programmes in emerging markets. A great step towards building some strong local ties that can aid the production of cheap cars in the future.

The 2006 Global Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) study, which was conducted in March and April across 16 countries, reveals that emerging markets such as Thailand, India, and China rate automotive companies higher in regards to corporate social responsibility than mature markets of the west. The study attributes this to the general public's high ratings of the automotive sector in emerging markets for generating jobs and improving quality of life.

Chris Bonsi, regional director TNS Automotive explains: 'Thailand, India, and China have recorded phenomenal industry growth in the automotive sector and consumers in these markets see automotive companies playing an integral role in the economic and social development of their country. Conversely, the governments of some emerging markets do not fully recognise the contribution of the automotive sector in generating jobs for their country - in some cases, levying high taxes on the automotive sector because the end-products are seen to be luxury items that only a few can afford, without considering the jobs the sector creates for everyday people manufacturing, distributing, and servicing these products.'


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